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US FAFNIR company bearing make up code (a)

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FAFNIR company bearing make up code (ball bearing)
1. Front code A-stainless steel B-torque tube type C-plated cadmium D-double row E-inch hole F-belt outer ring FL-support sheet G-self-lubricating H-tight cooperation J-song cooperation K-single row L-Internal Active Centering M-Fine Bearings produced according to ABEC-3 skill conditions 2M-Angular touch ball bearings produced according to ABEC-3; 15 skill conditions 3M-Angle touch ball bearings produced according to ABEC-3;25 skill conditions MM-Superfine bearing produced according to ABEC-7 skill condition 2MM-Angular touch ball bearing produced according to ABEC-7; 15 skill conditions 3MM-Angular touch ball bearing 2MMF produced according to ABEC-7; 25 skill conditions-by ABEC -7;15 skill conditions production of angular contact ball bearing with ribs 3MMF- according to ABEC-7; 25 skill conditions with angular contact ball bearing MMV- high-precision bearing produced according to ABEC-7 skill conditions 2MMV-high-precision bearing MV produced between ABEC-7 and ABEC-9; with a touch angle of 15 degrees. Modified ABEC-7 bearing 3MMV-by ABEC-7 and ABEC-9 Between the high-precision bearing MMX produced by the skill angle of 25 degrees of the skill level, the ultra-fine bearing P- loose cooperation RA--the inner ring widening S-inch small (aluminum alloy)
T-tight cooperation V-fine-grade bearing W-wide single row produced according to ABEC-5 skill conditions (the inner and outer rings are the same width)
WIR-single row; inner ring widened YA; ER-threaded locking device
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