Tips for identifying wood fiber wallpapers

Tips for identifying wood fiber wallpapers:

Wood fiber wallpaper is the best in environmental protection and breathability, and has the longest service life. It is the best in wallpaper, but how should we identify it when purchasing?

1. smell the smell. Open the sample of the wallpaper, especially the new sample, and smell it. The wood fiber wallpaper emits a light woody scent, which smells almost no smell. If it smells, it is not wood fiber.

2. Burn with fire. This is the most effective way. Wood fiber wallpapers have no black smoke when burning, and the dust after burning is also white; if it is black smoke or smelly, it may be a PVC wallpaper.

3. Do the drip test. This method can detect its gas permeability. Drop a few drops of water on the back of the wallpaper to see if there is water vapor through the paper. If you can't see it, it means that the wallpaper doesn't have breathability, not a wood fiber wallpaper.

4. Use a bubble to soak a small part of the wallpaper into the water, then use your fingers to scratch the surface and back of the wallpaper to see if it fades or soaks. The real wood fiber wallpaper is particularly strong, and the dye is made from flowers and linen. Pure natural ingredients, will not discolor due to blisters.

HR STONE mined two kinds of Semi Precious Stones: Blue Sodalite and tiger eye. Specially sodalite mineral quarry in Africa, The sodalite rock in Africa that also contains abundant blue sodalite and white nepheline. Both of these minerals have a hardness of approximately 6 on the Mohs hardness scale.The quarry start to yield two kinds of sodalite Blue blocks, big size blocks, small size blocks in 2018. Max size of big block can be about 250*180cm and weight about 15-20 ton per block. Small block has two sizes: 3-10cm 10-30cm . Annual yield of blocks is about 100containers.Blue sodalite has two kinds of color classifications, one is blue mainly, one is blue and white mixed.According to the color purity and texture, the blocks have different ranks for your reference.

      We ship the blocks to China and produce them into finished products, such as translucent blue sodalite slabs, table and arts. Whether super blue color or blue and white mixed, you can find out the right color you favor from our blue sodalite blocks and finished product.

      We normally produce translucent blue sodalite slab with small blocks, so the blue sodalite is laminated with natural or artificial stone, glass, or Acrylic.

       If you prefer blue sodalite slab is translucent, you can chose slab laminated with glass. Translucent blue sodalite is full of  bright and fantastic colors and atmosphere.

      Blue sodalite blocks, small or big size; blue  sapphier stone slab, blue sodalite table-,welcome to contact us for details.

      sodalite vs lapis :Blue sodalite has a strong resemblance to Lapis. For metaphysical purposes, this stone is said to improve one's Logical thinking.


       Sodalite was originally discovered in Greenland in the early 1800's, then about 100 years later it was next found in Ontario. A few other sources, mostly in Africa, exist today.

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