Granite square box specification inspection

Granite square box specification inspection

The granite square box is mainly used to measure the parallelism, verticality and support of the workpiece when scribing. Generally, it is a cube or a cuboid with the same side length.
Granite square box
specifications : (mm) 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 500 600 granite square box made according to national standards . There are special requirements to provide drawings .
Granite square box verification method For a square box with a side length of 300 mm or less, a 1 mm gauge block is placed at each end of the square box to be inspected, and the knife edge is placed on the gauge block working surface, and then The amount of the block at each point to be inspected is tested, and the difference between the size of the equivalent block group just inserted and the size of the block at both ends is the deviation between the ends of the pair. This test should be carried out on the box face stonework marble longitudinal, transverse and diagonal directions of the cross sections.

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'Granite square box specification inspection

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