Thunder rain stainless steel water tank, professional water tank, quality first

Shaanxi Thunderwater Water Tank Products Factory is a new enterprise specializing in the production of stainless steel water towers, water tanks and related products. Its main product “Leiyu Brand” various types of stainless steel water tank series, new concept design, using die stamping or rolling forming in the production process. The utility model has the advantages of beautiful appearance, light weight, reasonable structure, long service life, non-toxicity, low cost, safety, simplicity and wide application. It is the most excellent environmentally-friendly water storage equipment in China. The indicators meet the national industry standards, and have passed the certification and inspection of relevant national institutions. The product implementation standard is QIWJZ01-2004 .

The factory introduces advanced equipment, strong technical force, and specializes in returning professional technical engineers. At present, two types of ordinary water storage and thermal storage water have been developed, four models: (1) large stainless steel mixed water tank, insulated water tank (2) glass steel water tank and glass steel septic tank (3) no negative pressure water supply equipment ( d) Small stainless steel domestic water tower.

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'Thunder rain stainless steel water tank, professional water tank, quality first

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