A new starting point for the development of cement pad machine industry

     China's construction industry cement pad machine capable of rapid development, thanks to the industry itself through constantly adjusting product organization to meet the market demand, building structural system transformation, the cement pad machine industry have shown a wide range of products and applications New pattern. The leading industries for China's rapid economic development are housing industrialization and infrastructure construction. The total construction (real estate) industry has doubled, and the urbanization development has doubled the amount of municipal road construction. Fuheng Heavy Industry Cement Cushion Machine products meet the market demand and solve the application technical problems. The building structure system is mainly changed from brick-concrete structure to frame mechanism and cast-in-place mechanism. It is a place for cement blocks to be used . cement pad machine business in recent years by rapid economic growth during the development of leading industry demand (produce market demand) and full patronage policy is homeopathy for the product.
'The new starting point of the development of cement pad machine industry

cutting thickness during large range,like 1-100mm , plasma &Flame Cutting Machine is more suitable 

1. Use plasma cutting to cut thin sheet less than 25mm, flame cutting more than 25mm.flame Cutting Machine max cutting thickness more than 300mm

2. Honeybee type plasma & flame cutting machine is small size , can save much space and cost .

3. It's more agile,easy to install , easy to move than table type plasma & flame cutting machine 

4. No thickness limited , any thickness sheet can stand , NO limited loading -bearing .

Honeybee Plasma & Flame Cutting Machine

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